About Us

TuckStuff History

Tuck Stuff was started in 1986 by Tuck students as part of an entrepreneurship course. Each year the business has grown, and over the years our products have changed but the entrepreneurial spirit has not. The TuckStuff website was launched in 1998 to connect Tuckies with each other regardless of their location.

Every spring up through 2003, the business has been sold to a group of students in the first year class through a bidding process. In 2004 the Tuck School purchased the business, seeking to equalize access to the small business management lessons students could learn through TuckStuff's operation. While the school owns the company, the business is still completely managed by students. So, if you become a Tuck student, you could have the opportunity to run TuckStuff during your second year.

As Tuck has become more and more diverse, so has our customer base, with Tuck enthusiasts all around the world. If you have pictures of Tuckies wearing our clothes in interesting locations, please share them with us. All of the people wearing clothing on our website are Tuck students, family, and friends.

Purchases Benefit Tuck

A significant portion of the profits generated from TuckStuff sales go directly back to student organizations. This income supports career development, social events, and diversity initiatives on campus. By purchasing items through TuckStuff, you not only get great products but also enhance the educational experience of current and future Tuck students.

The 2014-2015 TuckStuff Team

Heather Levy (Business Development & Operations)
Curry Helton (Finance)
Mohan Kiran Pichika (IT Operations)
Christina Vottero (Merchandising)
Nell Kelleher (eCommerce)
Zach Brewer (Group Orders)
Erin Ruhf (Marketing & Special Events)

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